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About Us ( company )Computers, furniture and IT systems that specialize in furniture production to delivery to our customers through a variety of Suddenly 10 years and specializes in technology-intensive embodied design furniture company has grown to the flow of OA furniture, human-friendly and environmental-friendly structure is evolving all the work space, and uniform and personal space in a mechanical way the emphasis is changing as the Freedom office. In addition, the school's educational furniture educational system to introduce IT technology are changing the way fixed-removable from the furniture, Furniture is being transformed into a practical form of computers, furniture, design furniture needs are changing and more diverse are now seeking.

And according to the flow of the digital era, we introduced the company to automate the electric desk furniture, seunghagang tables, lift equipment sunapsik Monitor the development and automation, such as desks and furniture seunghagang device automatically by combining diverse expertise in many fields, planning custom furniture Developing and designing furniture, especially for disabled applications are delivered in various forms.

Hopefully as the leader of an automated system furniture, ergonomic furniture and applied in many fields, user safety and convenience of the city are trying to raise the quality of life.

"A good idea before good furniture -" as a slogan

Create the best furniture to meet users' needs with leading-edge products in return, and your mind will become a true business.